OOPSLA 2008 Onward! Call for Papers and Proposals

Important Dates

About Onward!

Is DNA recombination your inspiration for a new programming language? Or do you simply think it is time to improve generics in Java?

Do you think that we need new paradigms for bringing programming to the masses in Second Life and on Wikipedia? That we need new and significantly more robust systems than before that can function autonomously, perhaps inspired by biological metaphors?

Onward! is looking for papers in the broad spectrum of programming, systems, languages, and applications. Novel programming language features are as interesting to Onward! as are novel software system architectures.

Onward! papers are future OOPSLA research papers. While regular research papers tell you what work has been done in recent years and has been validated now, Onward! papers show you what exciting work is being done this very moment. Onward! accepts papers that talk about innovative research work that is early in its life or is not in the mainstream.

It does so by trading off some validation for inspiration, and it accepts some speculation if the work and ideas are promising or compelling enough. But make no mistake: Onward! papers are part of the ACM SIGPLAN sanctioned OOPSLA proceedings right next to the regular research papers, and the Onward! program committee is every bit as rigorous as the regular research program committee of OOPSLA.

In addition to papers, Onward! also accepts short paper and film submissions, which if accepted are made available in the OOPSLA companion. For more information, see submission categories below.

Onward! 2008 will be an experiment itself. The 2008 theme is open collaboration, as exhibited by open source, co-innovation, and wikis. Consequently, next to invited talks and paper presentations, much of Onward! will be put into the hands of the participants themselves using a meeting method called open space. It is the participants who using the process of open space suggest topics and form (and disband) discussion groups according to their needs and wherever their two feet carry them. To further this process, we will have several leading scientists bring in their research topics, offering to discuss them in an open space setting.

Submission Categories

Onward! Papers

Onward! papers are papers that match the description given above. They must follow the rules described in the submission process below. Submission deadline for Onward! papers is March 19, 2008. Notification of review results will be given on or after May 10, 2008. Onward! papers will be part of the OOPSLA conference proceedings. For an accepted paper, a 45min slot will be allotted at the conference, and the author of the paper is expected to present the work in a traditional presentation setting.

Onward! Short Papers and Films

Onward! short papers are 4-page papers that explore the space outlined above. Onward! films are films accompanied by up an up to 4-page summary that also explore the space outlined above. Both short papers and film summaries are made available as part of the OOPSLA companion. Onward! films permit a wide range of audio and video media to be presented. Submission deadline for short papers and films is July 2nd, 2008. Film submissions must include an early or partial version of the film. Submission of the film must be done using a widely recognized format and the final version may be up to 15 minutes in length. Short papers and film summaries must follow the formatting guidelines given below and may not exceed 4 pages. Filmmakers need to own or secure the rights for a presentation themselves.

Submission Process

Electronic submission of papers, short papers, and films is required through the OOPSLA Onward! submission system, see http://www.oopsla.org.

All papers and film summaries must be submitted electronically in PDF format. Submissions and final versions must follow the ACM SIGPLAN 10pt templates, available at http://www.acm.org/sigs/sigplan/authorInformation.htm. This site also contains links to useful information on how to write effective submissions. Submissions and final versions must be able to be readily printed using a modestly configured color laser printer.

Onward! papers may not exceed 10,000 words and may not be longer than 20 pages when formatted under the ACM format above. This typically corresponds to a paper of roughly 13 pages in SIGPLAN format but allows extra room for figures and graphs. Short papers and film summaries may not exceed 4 pages. In general, a submission should be as long as necessary (up to the limit) and as short as possible. Papers violating these guidelines may be rejected without review; contact the Onward! chair if you have any doubts about the length of your paper.

If you worry about an unnecessarily verbose writing style or generally feel you need help with the preparation of your submission, please contact the Onward! chair. We may be able to provide mentoring/shepherding before the submission deadline.

Submitted papers must describe work unpublished in refereed venues, and not concurrently submitted for publication elsewhere (including journals and formal proceedings of conferences and workshops). Violation of this policy will result in rejection of the paper. See the SIGPLAN republication policy for more details http://www.acm.org/sigs/sigplan/republicationpolicy.htm.

More Information

For additional information, clarification, or questions, please contact the Onward! chair, Dirk Riehle, at onward@oopsla.org.