OOPSLA 2008 Doctoral Symposium Call for Participation

Important Dates


The OOPSLA 2008 Doctoral Symposium provides useful guidance for the completion of the dissertation research and initiation of a research career. The symposium consists of a dinner on October 19, followed by a full-day workshop on October 20. The Symposium will provide an interactive forum for doctoral students in one of two phases in their doctoral progress, Apprentices and Proposers:

Apprentices are students who are relatively new to research, are not ready to actually make a thesis proposal, but are interested in learning about structuring research and getting some research ideas. Apprentices serve as observers during the symposium, can attend the symposium dinner, and will participate in providing feedback to the Proposers.

Proposers are students who have progressed far enough in their research to have some preliminary results and a thesis proposal, but have enough time before graduating to incorporate the advice and suggestions discussed in the symposium. Accordingly, doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy but are at least one year away from dissertation completion are invited to apply as Proposers. At the workshop, each Proposer will give both a short "elevator talk" and a longer research presentation.

All eligible students are encouraged to apply. We expect the Doctoral Symposium to be especially useful for students who have limited exposure at their home institution to expert researchers in their chosen field, for example if their research has taken them outside of their advisor's area of expertise.

Students accepted as Proposers are eligible for reimbursement of conference-related expenses up to $1000.

Submission Process

Electronic submission of proposals is required through the OOPSLA submission system.

To be considered as an Apprentice, you must submit an application through the above submission system. Further, your advisor must send a letter of recommendation directly to the track chair by July 2, 2008. Up to four Apprentices will be chosen.

To apply as a Proposer, please submit a two-page description of your dissertation research, mirroring the topics of the presentation defined below. Additionally, your advisor must send a brief statement of your dissertation progress to date and a statement of recommendation directly to the track chair by July 2, 2008. Up to eight Proposers will be selected. Proposers are expected to attend the symposium dinner and to participate in the workshop for the entire day.

Symposium Details

At the workshop, Proposers will present both of the following:

Each symposium Proposer will have a two-page paper published in the OOPSLA Companion. Proposers are strongly advised to also have a poster at the OOPSLA Poster session and to participate in the ACM Student Research Competition. These venues provide students with an opportunity for additional feedback and suggestions on their dissertation work, contacts for further interaction, and experience in communicating with other professionals.

For More Information

For additional information, clarification, or questions, please contact the Doctoral Symposium Chair, Todd Millstein, at doctoral_symposium@oopsla.org.