OOPSLA 2008 DesignFest Call for Participation

Important Information

DesignFest continues its tradition of bringing excited and energetic people together to actively practice and learn more about one of our favorite activities: design! Bring your experiences. Bring your computer if you want. We'll supply some problems but bring some of your own too if you want. All of these ingredients are mixed together to create your DesignFest experience!

Traditionally at the event, groups of four to five people are formed. Each group chooses a design problem and a design methodology to use for the session. Each group then works together to create their own unique design to address the requirements and issues presented by the problem. At the end of the session, each group usually presents their results and discusses what they experienced by participating in the event.

This year we will follow the basic DesignFest model but with a few adjustments. More time will be allotted at the end of the session to allow for more discussion of each individual's/group's experiences. The discussion will be facilitated by the event organizers. Want to know more specifics about the adjustments? Register for the event and come join us!

For more information regarding DesignFest or to submit problems to be offered to attendees, please contact the DesignFest chair, Matthew Davis, at designfest@oopsla.org.