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Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome

Fremde, étranger, stranger
Glücklich zu sehen, je suis enchanté, happy to see you
bleibe, reste, stay
Wir sagen: willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
In Cabaret, Au Cabaret, To Cabaret

Thanks for making ooPSLA 2007 a grand success.
Join us in 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Check out the conference podcast for lots of interesting interviews with OOPSLA presenters, as well as full audio of ooPSLA's remarkable line-up of keynote talks!

Tuesday, 8:30: Peter Turchi
Tuesday, 10:30: Kathy Sierra
Tuesday, 13:30: Jim Purbrick & Mark Lentczner
Tuesday, 20:00: Guy Steele & rpg
Wednesday, 8:30: Fred Brooks
Wednesday, 13:30: John McCarthy
Wednesday, 15:30: David Parnas
Thursday, 8:30: Gregor Kiczales
Thursday, 13:30: Pattie Maes

You may still contribute to the ACM SIGPLAN John Vlissides Award. John was an ooPSLA treasure.

The final program is available as a PDF file (8.3 MB) as well as HTML.


ooPSLA: What's up?

You might think that after 21 years there wouldn't be much left to explore about object oriented programming. Well, think again.
Like how to address today's software challenges. ooPSLA attracts attendees interested in this stuff:

  • Programmer productivity
  • Secure and reliable software
  • Changing hardware platforms
  • Ultra-large scale systems

ooPSLA is the premier conference for innovative and thought-provoking ideas, for seeking comment on works in progress, and (frequently, we're proud to say) for presenting Turing Award lecturers on significant works. It is where industry experts and their academic peers gather to:

  • Improve programming languages
  • Refine the practice of software development
  • Explore new paradigms

What's left to discover? Lots!

What's going on

John McCarthy. Gregor Kiczales. Fred Brooks. David Parnas. Patti Maes. We all recognize these as the names of researchers who have made profound contributions to computing and software. They are also the headline speakers at this year's ooPSLA, where you'll hear what they are thinking about in 2007. ooPSLA invited talks have a well-deserved reputation for energizing software developers with ideas that stretch our collective mind.

Jim Purbrick and Mark Lentczner. You may not recognize these names, but you might know their alter egos: Babbage Linden and Zero Linden, of Linden Labs. They are the creators of Second Life, a 3D virtual world that is changing how we think about the real world, how we live in multiple worlds, and how we do business in the 21st century. Purbrick and Lentczner are the Onward! keynote speakers.

Peter Turchi. He is the director of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. You certainly don't recognize his name. Turchi is the award-winning author of Maps of the Imagination, an exploration of the relationships between creative writing, making maps, and creativity. He is our keynote speaker, and perhaps the most mind-bending of all our speakers.

That is just a sampling of what makes ooPSLA the conference of choice for software technologists—from recognized academics to undergraduate students, from industrial researchers to developers and managers, from the creators of technology to its users.

We are proud to offer you ooPSLA and look forward to sharing the experience with you in Montréal.

Picture The ooPSLA Experience

Hear what the participants have to say ...

“I think ooPSLA is the best d*mned programming conference in the world: there is nothing else like it. ooPSLA is where people learn what they need today—and learn what they will be doing tomorrow. This is as true for programmers in the trenches as it is for researchers and academics and educators.”

— Long-time ooPSLA Attendee / Iconoclast

OK, [ooPSLA 2007] is going to be a really fun conference. The keynote lineup is unreal amazing. I've got to say that ooPSLA has become by far the most interesting conference for me over the last several years. It is one of the very few remaining places where you can still get that blue sky anything is possible and life is all about interesting technology feeling that was such a great part of computer science when I was young(er).

— Academic Researcher

“Wow, I would not expect a conference on object oriented programming to be so interesting. I will probably attend.”

— A functional programmer who got a glimpse of the ooPSLA 2007 program



John Vlissades Award
Contribute to the ACM SIGPLAN John Vlissides Award

News Release
ACM issues news release about exceptional ooPSLA program.

Get a feel for the conference and the venue with ooPSLA Impressions and Montréal Impressions.

Name the Beaver
Notice the beaver? The beaver's name is Buckminster. Todd Lee won an All Access Pass for that submission. Lauren Truesdell and Gordon Cameron won free registrations for their near misses.

Artist Wanted
If you can draw, sketch, or paint (quickly), there could be a free All Access Pass for you. We need someone to draw, sketch, or paint impressions of ooPSLA at the conference. Send a note and sample work to

The ooPSLA wiki
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The Chair's Unofficial Guide
Richard Gabriel gives you his recommendations for how to get around ooPSLA 2007 - updated frequently. We are looking for submissions to the Montréal/Québec Yum Yum Guide.
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