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Chair: Joe Yoder
The Refactory


Every year ooPSLA attracts software developers and researchers from all over the world. They gather at ooPSLA to learn the craft of software development, to understand best practices in standard technologies and methodologies, and to envision new ideas that will revolutionize how we develop software in the future. Those who attend may be fledgling programmers or industry revolutionaries. Through ooPSLA Panels, everyone has the opportunity to see the world through the perspective of leading software experts in industry and academia. Come listen in as they debate technology trends, best practices, and the evolution of code.

Panels at ooPSLA offer attendees a unique opportunity to participate in discussions. The panels promise engaging topics important to today's software engineers. The panels tackle current topics like Domain Specific Languages; programming language evolution; progression of code design; the impact of services on objects; and Service Oriented Architecture as a whole. Come participate in lively discussions centered on pertinent issues and debates. This year's panels boast a host of exciting and influential members of the programming community:

"No Silver Bullet" Reloaded - A Retrospective on "Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering"

Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., UNC
Martin Fowler, ThoughtWorks
Steven Fraser (Chair), Cisco Systems, Inc.
Ricardo Lopez, Qualcomm
Aki Namioka, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Linda Northrop, SEI
David Lorge Parnas, University of Limerick
David Thomas, Bedarra Research Labs

The Future of SOA: What Worked, What Didn't, and Where Is It Going from Here

Kerrie Holley, IBM
Mamdouh Ibrahim (Chair), IBM
Nicolai M. Josuttis, IT Communication
Brenda Michelson, Elemental Links
David Thomas, Bedarra Research Labs
John deVadoss, Microsoft

The Role of Objects in a Services-Obsessed World

Ward Cunningham,
Carl Lentz, DTE Energy
John Tibbetts (Chair), Kinexis
Jeroen van Tyn, DBI Consulting

Domain Specific Languages - Another Silver Bullet?

Henry Balen (Chair), CGI
Marc Frappier, University of Sherbrooke
James Lapalme, CGI
Kevin P. Tyson, Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc

Celebrating 40 Years of Language Evolution: Simula 67 to the Present and Beyond

Anders Hejlsberg, Microsoft
Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich & Eiffel Software
Guy L. Steele, Jr., Sun Microsystems James Gosling, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Ole Lehrmann Madsen, Aarhus University
Steven Fraser (Chair), Cisco Systems, Inc.

As always, we owe the quality of the panels to the hard-working committee that shaped the program:

Ademar Aguiar, Universidade do Porto
Elisa Baniassad, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Steven Fraser, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Our ultimate thanks go to the many talented panel presenters who proposed wonderful discussions and then worked hard to prepare the finest debate you can find at a computing conference.