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21 2nd International Workshop on Language Agnostic Runtimes and Component Based Architectures

Monday, 27 October – 8:30-17:00 Full day

Yahya Mirza, Aurora Borealis Software, yahya_mirza@hotmail.com
David Simmons, Smallscript LLC, David.Simmons@smallscript.com
Mario Wolczko, Sun Microsystems, mario@eng.sun.com
Shawn Woods, Microsoft, shawnwoo@microsoft.com

The objective of this workshop is to have a detailed technical discussion on requirements for future virtual machines and advanced languages from an applications perspective.

Issues such as what features and their virtual machine implementations actually promote object reuse. What has worked in the past? Has the original design goals of the respective participants in their respective object architectures been met. What problems were encountered during the commercial deployment of their respective architectures? What do the participants see as the direction they believe that virtual machine technology will take in the near future, as well as over the long haul?