24 Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

Monday, 27 October – 8:30-12:00 Morning

Martin Fowler, ThoughtWorks, fowler@acm.org

The last decade or so has been one of technology churn. We've seen client/server, CORBA, J2EE, COM, .NET and a host of other enterprise platforms appear or fade from view, or both. Keeping up with resulting alphabet soup is a full time job, even without applications to ship.

But amongst all of this churn, some techniques stay relatively constant. So we've been trying to identify these common patterns and taking note of how we use the ideas from one technology and use similar, but not the same designs in others.

In this tutorial, we'll explore a number of these patterns. We will touch on various topics, including layering, business logic organization, database mapping, organizing a web interface and the allure of distributed objects.

The tutorial is based on the author's book, "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture."

Attendee background

Prerequisites: Participants must be familiar with the basics of object-oriented development in an enterprise setting.




Martin Fowler is the Chief Scientist of ThoughtWorks, a systems delivery and consulting firm. He has pioneered the use of object-oriented technology in enterprise applications and has written five books on software development.