Meeting the Challenge of Software Engineering Education for Working Professionals in the 21st Century

Tuesday, 28 October – 10:30-12:00

Steven Fraser (Chair), Independent Consultant,
Ray Bareiss, CMU (West),
Barry Boehm, USC,
Mark Hayes, Microsoft,
Laura Hill, Sun Microsystems,
Gabby Silberman, IBM,
Dave Thomas, Bedarra Research Labs,

Software engineering education for working professionals remains a challenge from the perspective of determining relevant content; identifying effective methods for delivery; and maintaining the focus and motivation of students. This panel brings together academic and industry professionals to share their perspectives and experiences. Anticipated points for discussion include: education/training delivery strategies, curriculum definition, marketing issues, collaboration strategies to engage industry sponsorship, value assessments for students and sponsoring organizations, and program success stories. This will be a highly interactive panel and the audience should come prepared to both ask and answer questions.