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Conference Publications Format and
Poster Preparation Guidelines

English Is the Language of the Conference

The language of the conference is English. The OOPSLA audience comes from all over the world; wherever possible, you should write in clear and simple prose, avoiding regional expressions that might be difficult for the global audience to understand.

Conference Publications Format

Most submissions require a portion to be formatted to conform to ACM Proceedings requirements: Nine point font on ten point baseline, two columns per page, each column 3.33 inches wide by 9 inches tall, with a column gutter of 0.33 inches, etc. We strongly encourage you to use this layout for initial submission as well. See the ACM Proceedings Guidelines. You can save preparation time by using one of the templates from that page.

Each venue has specific requirements and may include additional formatting. Please contact the appropriate chair if you are uncertain about requirements.

Note that initial submissions for most venues are in PDF format. All final submissions must be made in a source document: .doc (Microsoft Word), .tex (LaTeX), or .fm (FrameMaker).

Poster Preparation Guidelines

There will be a specially scheduled poster session, where you are required to stand by your poster to be available for discussion. After, posters will be displayed in an area where attendees meet during session breaks. You are responsible for putting your poster up and removing it by the deadlines given to you by the Poster Chair.