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Student Volunteers

Chair: Maria Elena "Helen" Chávez Echeagaray, ITESM, Campus Guadalajara, sv@oopsla.org

The Student Volunteer program is an opportunity for students from around the world to associate with the top people in object-oriented technology, research, and software development. In return for a few hours of their time, student volunteers receive complimentary registration, free admission to tutorials (space permitting), and other benefits. A limited number of volunteers may receive some financial support in return for additional volunteer hours. In past years, job assignments included assisting with symposia and panels, checking badges at doors, operating the information booth, helping with traffic flow and general assistance to keep the conference running smoothly. Our student volunteers are vital to the smooth operation and continued success of OOPSLA each year.

We strongly encourage students, all around the world, to become involved in future OOPSLA Student Volunteer programs.

There are three reimbursement plans:

  • Bronze. The bronze plan requires a minimal amount of work (~12 hours) with all the conference benefits but no financial reimbursement. It is primarily aimed at local students who would not incur expenses while attending OOPSLA.
  • Silver. The silver plan is primarily targeted for students within a few hundred miles of the conference site who would need a place to stay during the conference but do not have large transportation expenses. More work is required (~ 16 hours) for silver plan attendees over bronze plan.
  • Gold. The gold plan reimburses the most expenses and is primarily aimed at students who would need to fly to the conference city in order to attend. It also requires the most amount of work (~20 hours), and gold plan slots are very difficult to obtain since so many people ask for it - and the number of slots is limited.

Student selection (and plan assignation) is NOT based on the "first come, first served". For us, the most important thing is to have an "international" group of student volunteers. We try to make a balanced decision.

In order to make the OOPSLA experience available to as many students as possible, those who incur higher expenses are more likely (but not guaranteed) to receive the Silver and Gold plans. In addition, those students receiving higher bursaries will be expected to perform more volunteer duties. The number of plans is limited by the conference budget.

We welcome the energy and insights that new participants bring, but also need the experience provided by students returning from previous years. Because travel expenses change each year, students cannot expect to receive a Silver or Gold just because they did previously.

Students volunteers need to be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at the time of the conference. For more details, or to submit an application (before July 15, 2005), visit the our page http://www.oopsla.org/sv/.