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"Workshop 4: Interwiki Workshop"




  > Wiki Symposium

 : Tuesday

Workshop 4: Interwiki Workshop

Royal Palm Salon 5
Tuesday, 13:30, half day



Lion Kimbro
Helmut Leitner
Bayle Shanks

Workshop homepage.

This workshop will be an informal discussion of ideas and technologies for connecting wikis to each other. Topics may include: (1) Linking between wikis (examples: InterWiki link prefixes, NearLinking, SisterSites, LocalNames) (2) Inter-wiki page interchange (3) RecentChanges syndication (example: RecentNearChanges) (4) Distributed wiki engines (5) Wiki markup standard(s) (6) Interoperability between wiki and other software (7) Software projects for wiki interoperability (examples: OneBigSoup, WikiGateway) (8) Standards relevant to wikis (examples: ModWiki/RSS, Atom, WikiXmlRpc) (9) Social and information architecture initiatives to connect wikis (examples: TourBus, WikiNode) (10) Social standards. The actual topics discussed will depend on what participants want to discuss.

Lion Kimbro:  Mr. Kimbro works on the WikiNodes network and Local Names. The WikiNodes network connects related wiki communities. Local Names is a way to connect the linking mechanics of blogs, wiki, and other text authoring systems. See his page at http://communitywiki.org/LionKimbro for more information.

Helmut Leitner:  Mr. Leitner is a software and wiki developer (ProWiki), a wiki founder (DseWiki, B?cherWiki, Gr?nderWiki), and a wiki provider (WikiService). He revived the TourBus idea of John De Bruyn and supports the WikiNode idea. Helmut is a member of the MeatballWiki community and most interested in the social and cultural aspects of the wiki. WikiService currently hosts about 80 wiki community projects with a number of InterWiki technologies (e.g. RSS, SisterSites, ...) in place. He has a MS in chemistry from the Technical University of Graz, Austria. See his wiki homepage at http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?HelmutLeitner for more information.

Bayle Shanks:  Mr. Shanks is interested in using technology for new kinds of collaboration, decision-making, and information retrieval. He is working on WikiGateway, a library module providing functions like getPage, putPage, and getRecentChanges. WikiGateway can interact remotely with many different wiki engines (such as UseMod and MoinMoin), yet it provides a single API to the software which calls it. Bayle is a doctoral student in computational neurobiology at UCSD with a background in mathematics and artificial intelligence. See his wiki homepage at http://communitywiki.org/BayleShanks for more information.