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"Workshop 3: Open-Source Software Development with Wikis"




  > Wiki Symposium

 : Tuesday

Workshop 3: Open-Source Software Development with Wikis

Tuesday, 13:30, half day



Peter Theony
Colas Nahaboo

Workshop hompage.

Some open source communities started to use a wiki to organize their work. This workshop uses the TWiki project as a case study. The TWiki community is using their structured wiki since inception as the primary communication vehicle to brainstorm on ideas, track new features, track bugs, provide support and create documentation. Other open source communities using Wikis are invited to participate in the workshop to compare the emerging methodologies of wikis for open source software development.

Peter Theony:  Mr. Theony is the founder of TWiki, the leading Wiki for corporate collaboration and knowledge management. Managing the open-sourced project for the last six years, Peter invented the concept of structured wikis - where free form wiki content can be structured with tailored wiki applications. He is a recognized thought-leader in Wikis and social software, featured in numerous articles and technology conferences including LinuxWorld, Business Week, Wall Street Journal and more. A software developer with over 15 years experience, Peter specializes in software architecture, user interface design and web technology. He graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, lived in Japan for 8 years working as an engineering manager for Denso building CASE tools, and managed the Knowledge Engineering group at Wind River for several years.

Colas Nahaboo:  Mr. Nahaboo is now the Intranet Architect at ILOG (www.ilog.com), where he extensively uses Wiki technologies and web standards to design a collaborative intranet. He also leads the Human Factor efforts at ILOG, and before that led the R&D Koala team at Bull and Dyade, on topics as diverse as Web, XML, Java, Graphics, User Interfaces, Message Buses, Languages, with many Open Source productions such as Batik, XPM, Klone, GWM, ... since his PhD in 1989.