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" Fostering Software Robustness in an Increasingly Hostile World "




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 : Wednesday

Fostering Software Robustness in an Increasingly Hostile World

Wednesday, 10:30, 1 hour 30 minutes



Chair: Steven Fraser, QUALCOMM
Djenana Campara, Klocwork
Carl Chilley, Xansa
Richard Gabriel, Sun Microsystems
Ricardo Lopez, QUALCOMM
Dave Thomas, Bedarra
Greg Utas, Pentennea

Software can kill. What are you doing to stay alive? Our world faces an increasingly hostile environment with challenges in complexity, technology, social engineering and clashing cultures. Failure to achieve sufficient software robustness can lead to customer dissatisfaction, financial loss, or in extreme cases loss of life. This panel brings together differing contexts and solution approaches.

Chair: Steven Fraser, QUALCOMM:  Steven is a senior member of staff at QUALCOMM's Learning Center in San Diego California. From 2003 to 2004 he was an independent consultant in Santa Clara California. Previous to 2002 Steven held a variety of diverse software technology program management roles at Nortel Networks including: Process Architect, Senior Manager (Disruptive Technology and Global External Research), and Process Engineering Advisor. In 1994 he spent a year as a Visiting Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) collaborating with the Application of Software Models project on the development of team-based domain analysis techniques. Steven holds a PhD in EE from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Steven is an avid operatunist and videographer.

Djenana Campara, Klocwork:  Djenana Campara is the founder and CTO of Klocwork a company devoted to proving automated solutions to facilitate the development and delivery of reliable, secure, and high-performance software systems. Prior to founding Klocwork, Djenana was a manager and systems architect at Nortel Networks. Djenana co-chairs the OMG Architecture-Driven Modernization Special Interest Group and serves as a board member on the Canadian Consortium of Software Engineering Research (CCSERC). Djenana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Sarajevo.

Carl Chilley, Xansa:  Carl Chilley is an Executive Consultant with Xansa in the UK and primarily focuses on business architecture across all vertical and horizontal market sectors. Carl has been in the industry for over 25 years, having been the European software project manager for the iconic Xerox Star devel?opment, working his way through various architectural forms and styles in pursuit of the delivery of usable and viable business solutions. Most recently Carl has been applying the precepts and con?cepts of service-driven architecture in the development of solutions for his clients. Noting that Xansa has a market-leading Indian capability and a solid reputation for both outsourcing and off-shoring process and IT systems, Carl has also been looking at how to best integrate the dispersed capabilities of organizations to effect effective delivery in a cost effective manner.

Richard Gabriel, Sun Microsystems:  Dick Gabriel (Ph.D., MFA) is a Distinguished Engineer and chief scientist of a small laboratory at Sun Microsystems, researching the architecture, design, and implementation of extraordinarily large systems as well as development techniques for building them. He is Sun's open source expert, advising the company on community-based strategies. He is also President of the Hillside Group, a nonprofit that nurtures the software patterns community by holding conferences, publishing books, and awarding scholarships.

Ricardo Lopez, QUALCOMM:  Ricardo Lopez is a Principal Engineer in the Office of the Chief Scientist at Qualcomm. He is responsible for Software Architecture, Software Process & Methodology, and sometime Just Plain Old Software (JPOS) whenever the need arises. Architecting & Designing Software for 30 years, he has been an evangelist for OO technology for the last 18 years and he has the arrow heads to prove it. He continues to advance and foster quality software architectures, designs and practices wherever he goes.

Dave Thomas, Bedarra:  Dave Thomas is founder of Bedarra Research Labs and adjunct research professor at Carleton University and the University of Queensland. Bedarra current focus areas are eLearning; Next Generation Application Development; Agile Software Development and Pervasive Computing. Dave is well known to the object community as the founder of Object Technology International (OTI) developers of Envy-Developer a unique CM environment for object oriented development; virtual machines for Smalltalk, Java and IDEs for IBM VisualAge for Smalltalk; for Java; Micro Edition for Embedded Systems and Eclipse. Bedarra focuses on the transfer of research from the lab to industry. Dave is a founding director in Agile Alliance, and columnist for the Journal of Object Technology (JOT) and OT Land.

Greg Utas, Pentennea:  Greg Utas obtained an Honors BSc in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario (Canada). In 1981 he joined Bell Northern Research (the research arm of Northern Telecom--later to become Nortel Networks), where he served as the principal software architect for various switching products. As the Chief Architect of GSM Core networks, Greg let a team of 50 designers who redesigned the product's call processing software using object-oriented techniques. For this work, he received Nortel Technology Award for Innovation and became the first software architect at Nortel's Director level. In March 2002, Greg joined Sonim Technologies as the Chief Software Architect, responsible for the design of push-to-talk services for wireless networks. He left Sonim in May 2004 to become a consultant specializing in carrier-grade software. Greg is the recent author of "Robust Communications Software" (Wiley, January 2005).