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"Agile User Experience Design"




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 : Thursday Morning Tutorials (8:30 - 12:00) : Agile Development : Thursday

Agile User Experience Design

Royal Palm Salon 4
Thursday, 8:30, half day



Jeff Patton, ThoughtWorks Inc.

Tutorial number: 49

User Experience is the blanket term that incorporates user centered design, interaction design, user interface design, and usability. As Agile Development processes gain popularity, the need to include User Experience practitioners becomes more urgent. Many companies employ people in these roles and want advice on incorporating them into their Agile processes. In contrast, many Agile projects not incorporating UX approaches suffer from delivery of products that, though on-time and of high technical quality, poorly address user needs.

In this tutorial you'll learn the basics of the Agile Development and User Experience lifecycles and how User Experience work can function cohesively within Agile Development. You'll learn that UX refers to much more than user interface design and, in fact, encompasses a number of techniques that give guidance on project scoping and user interface validation. Through participation you'll learn lightweight collaborative variations of UX techniques such as user role modeling, task modeling, and user interface prototyping. Using these models and UI prototypes you'll write user stories that incrementally release your product design into the Agile Development lifecycle.

Intermediate: Those experienced with Agile methods who wish to understand how UX might be incorporated. Those experienced with UX who have questions on how user experience practices and techniques work in an Agile environment. These two groups represent a broad range of people involved in software development including: development managers, project managers, team leaders, coaches, developers, UI designers, and other user experience practitioners. The material is simple enough to address practitioners at a beginner level, but original enough to be valuable to experienced practitioners.

Jeff Patton, ThoughtWorks Inc.:  Jeff Patton has designed and developed software for the past 10 years on a wide variety of projects from on-line aircraft parts ordering to rules-based pricing engines. Since working on an XP team in 2000, Jeff has been heavily involved in Agile methods. In particular Jeff has focused on the application of user experience techniques on Agile projects resulting in leaner, more collaborative forms of traditional UX practices. Jeff has found that adding UX thinking to Agile approaches of incremental development and story card writing not only makes those tasks easier but results in much higher quality software.