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"Pattern Languages Hands-On"




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 : Thursday Afternoon Tutorials (13:30 - 17:00) : Thursday : Patterns and Pattern Languages

Pattern Languages Hands-On

Royal Palm Salon 5
Thursday, 13:30, half day



Maria Kavanagh, De Montfort University
Alan O'Callaghan, De Montfort University

Tutorial number: 52

Patterns and refactorings have been described as being to systems development what gardening is to gardens. In this tutorial attendees are provided with the Bots n Pieces pattern language. This is a language that was designed over two years in long-running experiment, started at EuroPLoP '03, to explore Christopher Alexander's ideas of 'centers' and 'sequences' in pattern languages and to test their relevance to software-intensive systems. Working in groups they refactor a programmable Lego Mindstorms robot (altering both the 'hardware' and the software) in a hands-on exploration of how pattern languages for software-intensive systems can help create 'living structure'. The activities will be recorded on digital video which will form part of the output of the tutorial (together with posters for the rest of OOPSLA).

Intermediate: Attendees should have a familiarity with basic notions of programming.

Maria Kavanagh, De Montfort University:  Maria Kavanagh is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Computing Sciences and Engineering at De Montfort University and a member of Hillside (Europe). She has recently completed a doctoral study on pattern languages and is the author of the business process pattern language: APPLE. She has submitted papers and presented workshops at EuroPLoP, OOPSLA, rOOts (Norway) and the ACCU conference in England.

Alan O'Callaghan, De Montfort University:  Alan O'Callaghan is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Computing Sciences and Engineering at De Montfort University. He has authored two books on object technology,and more than forty articles and journal papers on OO, software architecture and patterns. He has authored two pattern languages ADAPTOR for the migration of legacy systems, and the Bots n Pieces for building Mindstorms robots. He is a member of the Hillsifde (Europe) Advisory Board.