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"Find Your Voice"




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Find Your Voice

Pacific Salon 6
Monday, 13:30, half day



Gail E. Harris, Instantiated Software Inc.

Tutorial number: 29

Do you get tongue tied at important meetings? Do you wonder why your ideas are never adopted? Do you wish your colleagues and clients understood you better? If this is happening to you then this is the tutorial for you. In this tutorial we will examine strategies and techniques for communicating in a technology based work environment, regardless of methodology. Starting with one-on-one situations, and working up to the typical mid-size design and requirements meeting groups, you will learn how to analyze the communication situation and your audience. We will explore situations requiring elicitation, negotiation, persuasion, and explanation. You will learn to recognize different styles of communicating, and how to use this knowledge to achieve your goals. Several times during the tutorial we will break up into groups to put into practice what you are learning. Each exercise will include time to get personal feedback on how well you applied this knowledge.

Beginner: Participants should have a desire to learn about the intangible factors that affect the success of a project, and to learn how to adjust their personal style in everyday interactions to aid progress and understanding.

Gail E. Harris, Instantiated Software Inc.:  Gail has 18 years experience working in the IT field. Her work as a Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Lead Designer for many projects, large and small, has required a finely tuned approach to communicating in a wide variety of situations. In negotiating situations Gail has been able to develop contracts with which all parties found to be not just "satisfactory" but even to their benefit. In design meeting situations Gail has facilitated solutions where every team members is eager to implement the design. Many project team members have said, after the end of a project, that they would like to work with Gail again.