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"Extending the Standard Widget Toolkit - how to create your own widgets"




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 : Monday Morning Tutorials (8:30 - 12:00) : Eclipse : Monday : Programming Techniques

Extending the Standard Widget Toolkit - how to create your own widgets

Pacific Salon 3
Monday, 8:30, half day



Veronika Irvine, Eclipse Committer for IBM Canada
Steve Northover, Eclipse Committer for IBM Canada

Tutorial number: 22

SWT is a widget toolkit for Java designed to provide efficient, portable access to the user-interface facilities of the operating systems on which it is implemented. It provides a rich set of native widgets for user interface design. However, specialized applications often require widgets that are unique to a particular problem. SWT is extensible in several ways. Complex widgets can be created from the simpler native building blocks; legacy widgets can be encapsulated in a Java layer; or graphics calls and low level user events can be used to design a widget in Java. This tutorial will explore the different SWT extension strategies and show you how to use them to integrate with SWT. Some of the features that will be discussed are advanced graphics, double buffering, custom layout, accessibility, how to successfully extend the SWT hierarchy, and how to maintain a native look and feel.

Intermediate: Attendees are expected to have a working knowledge of SWT widgets, graphics and layouts.

Veronika Irvine, Eclipse Committer for IBM Canada:  Veronika Irvine is one of the original members of the Eclipse SWT team, which she joined in 1998. Her primary areas of responsibility are layouts, drag-and-drop, Active X integration and custom widgets. She has written several articles for eclipse.org, including "ActiveX Support in SWT" and "Adding Drag and Drop to an SWT Application". Veronika works at the IBM OTI Lab in Ottawa.

Steve Northover, Eclipse Committer for IBM Canada:  Steve Northover is the principal architect of SWT. He is the SWT team lead for the Eclipse project, and works at the IBM OTI Lab in Ottawa. His areas of expertise include performance, operating system programming and native user interface toolkits. He is the lead author of the book "SWT: The Standard Widget Toolkit, Volume 1".