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"The Six Million Dollar Customer"




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 : Sunday Afternoon Tutorials (13:30 - 17:00) : Agile Development : Sunday

The Six Million Dollar Customer

Pacific Salon 6
Sunday, 13:30, half day



Angela Martin, Victoria University of Wellington
Robert Biddle, Human-Oriented Technology Laboratory, Carleton University
James Noble, Victoria University of Wellington

Tutorial number: 10

This tutorial will introduce you to practices that will increase the effectiveness of "the customer" on your XP project. Customers have one of the most complex and difficult roles on a project, yet XP includes very few practices that support the customer in their role—other than prescribing how they interact with the developers. Over the last three years, we have investigated many projects around the world to identify how customers succeed in this complex and difficult task—discovering not what people think should have happened, but what really happened and what actually worked! This tutorial will present a consistent set of practices, skills, and characteristics that are crucial to ensuring your customer role, and thus your XP project, will be successful.

Intermediate: This tutorial is aimed at anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of the "Customer" within XP. Participants should have a background in XP (or another Agile methodology).

Angela Martin, Victoria University of Wellington:  Angela Martin is a PhD Candidate at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, supervised by James Noble and Robert Biddle. Her research utilises in-depth case studies of the XP Customer Role, on a wide range of projects world-wide, complementing her 10 years of professional experience in software development.

Robert Biddle, Human-Oriented Technology Laboratory, Carleton University:  Robert Biddle is Professor of Human-Oriented Technology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. His research and teaching is in software engineering and human-computer interaction; he earlier worked as a software developer and as a technical consultant. He is widely recognised as an excellent teacher, presenter, and educator.

James Noble, Victoria University of Wellington:  James Noble is Professor of Software Engineering at Victoria University of Wel-lington, New Zealand. He has extensive experience lecturing, teaching, and mentor-ing software design, software visualisation, user interface design, and design patterns, and many other topics. He has presented many tutorials at conferences including OOPSLA, JAOO, TOOLS, OzCHI, and VL/HCC.