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"PHP/MySQL for Community Programming"




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PHP/MySQL for Community Programming

Royal Palm Salon 6
Tuesday, 13:30, half day



Ghica van Emde Boas, Bronstee.com Software & Services

Tutorial number: 38

PHP is a web-scripting language, primarily used in emerging countries. Community programming is: developing a bulletin board for your grandmother with Alzheimer, web-publishing facilities for your local sports club, or a small shop.

Why should you care?

PHP is open source, easy to learn, productive, easy to deploy. PHP5 has full object-oriented features. PHP has extensive web-functionality built-in, including a strong MySQL interface.

Businesses will find that well defined web-architectures, and good development methods for PHP are still lacking. Instead of looking at PHP, they will consider outsourcing the development of their web-applications... unless you can combine your existing knowledge of development methods with new skills of highly productive PHP coding.

This tutorial has a more modest goal than presenting enterprise development methods for web applications in PHP. The first half will be a quick introduction to PHP. During the second half will we look at an open source PHP Application Framework aimed at community applications and using model-driven generative techniques.

We want to spark your interest in PHP. The rest has to be done by you. And we hope you make a difference to your community!

Intermediate: Programming experience in an OO programming language. Interest in software architectures and development methodologies. Familiarity with HTML is helpful.

Ghica van Emde Boas, Bronstee.com Software & Services:  Ghica van Emde Boas is an independent consultant. After a career of 30 years as Software Architect and Java developer with IBM, she spent 4 years as consultant and designer for the IBM SanFrancisco framework (the largest Java framework ever developed), mostly in Sweden and the Netherlands. Since early 2004 Ghica is doing community projects like the ones mentioned above, using PHP/MySQL. She is project leader (with Jorn Bettin) of the Generative Model Transformer open source project (www.eclipse.org/gmt). Ghica is co-organizer of the OOPSLA workshops on Model-Driven Software Development, expected to be held for the 4th time this year.