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Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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Chair: Neil B. Harrison, Avaya, demos@oopsla.org

Attended by more conference registrants than any other event, the Exhibits are where OO software developers, publishers, technology researchers, framework architects, training consultants and recruiters go for a "meeting of the minds" and an introduction to the latest object-oriented offerings.

The OOPSLA Exhibits are the place you can reach potential customers with news and demonstrations of your latest products, publications, or services. And because OOPSLA attracts many people highly skilled in the latest technologies, the Exhibits are also the place to meet and interview potential new employees. Interview rooms will be provided upon advance request.

In addition to exhibitor booths, the Exhibits offer the OOPSLA Posters, a central Courtyard where everyone meets, a Meet the Speakers area, the popular Publishers' Pavilion, and special activities commemorating the ten-year anniversary of the publication of the Gang of Four's "Design Patterns" book.

Full details about OOPSLA Exhibit booth rentals can be found in the Exhibitor Prospectus, available upon request from the Exhibits chair at demos@oopsla.org.

A limited number of booths will be available for corporate use. For information on corporate support, contact the Corporate Support Chair, Ralph Johnson, corporatesupport@oopsla.org.