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Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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Generative Programming

Take special advantage of this year's great depth of generative programming and component engineering tutorials. The strength of this selection stems from this year's co-location of OOPSLA and GPCE (the conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering).

1 Model-Driven Software Development: Introduction & Best Practices
Markus Voelter, Jorn Bettin

Sunday, 8:30, half day, Meeting Room 2

GP1 Adaptive Object-Model Architecture: Dynamically Adapting to Changing Requirements
Joseph Yoder

Sunday, 8:30, half day, Governor General Suite D

19 Bots & Pieces: A Hands-On Investigation of Generative Pattern Languages using Mindstorm Robots
Alan O'Callaghan, Maria Kavanagh

Sunday, 8:30, full day, Metropolis

GP2 Multi-Stage Programming in MetaOCaml
Walid Taha, Cristiano Calcagno

Sunday, 13:30, half day, Meeting Room 17

GP3 Generative Software Development
Krzysztof Czarnecki, Jack Greenfield

Sunday, 13:30, half day, Meeting Room 10

23 MDA and Other Model-Oriented Technologies
Krzysztof Czarnecki, David S. Frankel, Petter Graff

Monday, 8:30, half day, Meeting Room 10

40 Using Domain Specific Languages, Patterns, Frameworks and Tools to Assemble Applications
Jack Greenfield, Keith Short, Steve Cook, Stuart Kent

Monday, 8:30, full day, Meeting Room 2

GP4 Program Transformation Systems: Theory and Practice for Software Generation, Maintenance and Reengineering
Ira Baxter, Hongjun Zheng

Monday, 8:30, full day, Meeting Room 14

37 Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica
Peter Fritzson, Peter Bunus

Monday, 13:30, half day, Meeting Room 15

39 From Models to Code with the Eclipse Modeling Framework
Ed Merks, Frank Budinsky

Monday, 13:30, half day, Meeting Room 10

42 Domain-Driven Design
Eric Evans, Ralph Johnson

Tuesday, 13:30, half day, Meeting Room 8