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"JRA: Offline Analysis of Runtime Behaviour"
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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JRA: Offline Analysis of Runtime Behaviour

Courtyard, Demo room 3
Tuesday, 12:30, 45 minutes


This event is also being given Wednesday at 10:30.

Helena Aberg Ostlund, BEA Systems Inc.

Demonstration number: 9

The JRockit Java virtual machine has a built-in capability to produce recordings of the runtime behaviour of an application environment. It is a light-weight system with a very low performance cost, which can give valuable insights as to how the JVM and application interact in production. The JRockit Runtime Analyzer (JRA) is a tool written in Java for analyzing these recordings by graphic visualization.

The JRA system has many advantages over traditional profiling tools. It doesn't require installation of any new software to enable a recording and its low performance overhead makes it well suited for deployed production systems.

We will present the techniques behind the JRA system and demonstrate how to record a snapshot of a running application. We will view the captured data in the JRockit Runtime Analyzer tool. The audience will see that detailed and highly useful information about the runtime behaviour of the application and virtual machine can be provided easily at a very low performance cost.