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"JQuery: Finding Your Way through Tangled Code"
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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JQuery: Finding Your Way through Tangled Code

Courtyard, Demo room 2
Tuesday, 10:30, 45 minutes


This event is also being given Thursday at 12:30.

Edward McCormick, UBC
Kris de Volder, UBC

Demonstration number: 5

JQuery is a flexible, query-based source code browser developed as an Eclipse plug-in that allows the user to define browsers on-the-fly by formulating logic queries and running them against the source code. A typical IDE based exploration of an OOP system will often involve multiple searches through class hierarchies, field accesses, method calls, regular expression matches and more. Developers who must follow connections between these disconnected views may find great difficulty in combining the capabilities of each view and may as well suffer significant disorientation due to loss of context while switching. JQuery alleviates the disorientation associated with switching tools to complete a single task. To begin browsing the code, the user may either select from a set of predefined browsers or create a browser by entering a query. Because JQuery is built on a rich logic language called TyRuBa, a wide variety of context specific searches can be performed on any node. Users can also edit a configuration file to add their own queries to the JQuery menus.

Following a brief presentation of the ideas and motivation behind JQuery, why it is useful, and its relevence OOP, the audience will see a live demonstration of the tool.

The task will involve locating information from scattered places in an Object Oriented system in order to perform a refactorization. This task will demonstrate how JQuery can help maintain search context even within complex, multi-stepped searches, because a JQuery view can retain multiple browsers within one window.