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"Posters on Display"
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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 : Tuesday

Posters on Display

Tuesday, 10:00, 7 hours


Russ Freeman, Roly Perera, Phil Webb

A Core Calculus of Mixins and Incomplete Objects
Lorenzo Bettini, Viviana Bono, Silvia Likavec

A Creative Approach for Teaching Framework Development
Amir Zeid

A Search System for Java Programs by using Extracted JavaBeans Components
Hironori Washizaki, Yoshiaki Fukazawa

A UML Profile for Service Oriented Architectures
Rafik Salama, Amir Zeid

AJEER: An AspectJ-enabled Eclipse Runtime
Martin Lippert

AOP as a First Class Reflective Mechanism
Sergei Kojarski, David Lorenz

Advancements in Multicode Optimization
Ben Stephenson, Wade Holst

An Approach and Tools to Automate Externalization of Application Logic
Hoi Chan, trieu chieu

An Aspect-Oriented Generative Approach
Uir? Kulesza, Alessandro Garcia, Carlos Lucena

An Invitation to the Dance of Progress
Lawrence Carleton

An Open Model Infrastructure for Automotive Software
Gabriel Voegler, Hajo Eichler, Thomas Flor, Matthias Kasprowicz

B-UML: An Environment for Teaching UML in Smart Classrooms
Amir Zeid

Best Practices and Methodologies in Service-oriented Architectures: Paving the Way to Web-services Success
Amir Zeid

Best Practices for Model-Driven Software Development
Jorn Bettin, Ghica van Emde Boas, Aditya Agrawal, Markus V?lter, Jean B?zivin

Bottleneck Analysis in Java Applications using Hardware Performance Monitors
Dries Buytaert, Andy Georges, Lieven Eeckhout, Koen De Bosschere

Building Software for Pervasive Computing
Cristina Lopes, Steffen Schaefer, Siobh?n Clarke, Anind Dey, Tzilla Elrad, Robert Filman

C++, Boost, and the Future of C++ Libraries
Jeff Garland, Nicolai Josuttis, Kevlin Henney, Jeremy Siek

Challenges in Outsourcing and Global Development: How Will Your Job Change?
Dennis Mancl, William Opdyke, Steven Fraser

CoSMIC: Addressing the Deployment and Configuration Crosscutting Concerns of Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems
Aniruddha Gokhale, Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Tao Lu, Jaiganesh Balasubramanian, Arvind Krishna, Gan Deng

Component And Middleware Performance (Workshop Report)
Petr Tuma, Paul Brebner, Emmanuel Cecchet

Cona -- Aspects for Contracts and Contracts for Aspects
Therapon Skotiniotis, David Lorenz

Dependable Distributed Systems - A Research Project Overview
Alexander Szep, Robert Smeikal, Martin Jandl, Karl Goeschka

Deriving Refactorings For AspectJ
Leonardo Cole, Paulo Borba

Design Pattern Integrated Tool
Somsak Phattarasukol, Daisy Sang

Early Aspects Workshop - Ideas and Results
Elisa Baniassad, Ana Moreira, Awais Rashid, Bedir Tekinerdogan, Paul Clements, Jo?o Ara?jo

Eclipse Technology eXchange (ETX) Workshop
Michael Burke, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Margaret Storey

Extravagaria: Art Assisting Science
Richard Gabriel, Janet Holmes, Kirstie Bellman

Extreme Construction
Joseph Bergin, Fred Grossman

GMT - an Open Source MDA Tool Initiative, status and progress
Ghica van Emde Boas, Jorn Bettin, Frederic Jouault, Mark Kofman

Gumption Traps
Rachel Davies, Ivan Moore

Improving Quality in Conceptual Modeling
Tauqeer Hussain, Shafay Shamail, Mian Awais

J2EE for the Public Administration: a Success Story
Maurizio Lancia, Paola Garzenini, Alessio Marchetti, Roberto Puccinelli

JIVE: Java Interactive Visualization Environment
Paul Gestwicki, Bharat Jayaraman

Legacy Transformation: Capturing Business Knowledge from Legacy Systems
Jean B?zivin, Sergio de Cesare, Grant Holland, Mark Lycett, Chris Partridge

Managing Variabilities consistently in Design and Code
Christa Schwanninger, Danilo Beuche, Krzysztof Czarnecki, Mira Mezini, Markus Voelter

Meta: Augmenting and Unifying Object-Oriented (and other) Languages
Wade Holst

Mobile Musical Agents - The Andante Project
Leo Ueda, Fabio Kon

Mobile-D: An Agile Approach for Mobile Application Development
Pekka Abrahamsson, Antti Hanhineva, Hanna Hulkko, Tuomas Ihme, Juho Jaalinoja, Mikko Korkala, Juha Koskela, Pekka Kyllonen, Outi Salo

Model Synchronization as a Problem of Maximizing Model Dependencies
Igor Ivkovic, Kostas Kontogiannis

Modeling and Implementing Software Architecture with Acme and ArchJava
Jonathan Aldrich, David Garlan, Bradley Schmerl, Tony Tseng

Modelling Event Driven Applications With a Specification Language (MEDASL)
Murali Kaundinya, Syed Ali

OOLACA: An Object Oriented Library for Abstract and Computational Algebra
Virginia Niculescu, Grigoreta Sofia Moldovan

Objects in Large Distributed Applications (OLDA-III) workshop poster
Peter Dickman, Karen Renaud, Huw Evans

On the relative advantages of teaching Web services in J2EE vs. .NET
Edward Gehringer, Sandeep Kachru

Ontologies as Software Engineering Artifacts - Workshop at OOPSLA 2004
Joerg Pechau, Petra Becker-Pechau, Ralf Klischewski, Martin Lippert

Patterns in Retrospectives
Linda Rising, Mary Lynn Manns

Predicting Performance of EJB-based Systems Using Layered Queuing Networks
Alexandre Oufimtsev, Liam Murphy

Pseudo-Classes: Very Simple and Lightweight MockObject-like Classes for Unit-Testing
Geoff Sobering, Levi Cook, Steve Anderson

QuA: Building with Reusable QoS-Aware Components
Frank Eliassen, Richard Staehli, Gordon Blair, Jan ?yvind Aagedal

RAIL: Code Instrumentation for .NET
Bruno Cabral, Paulo Marques, Lu?s Silva

RUBiS Revisited: Why Benchmarking J2EE Applications is Hard
Jaime Spacco, Bill Pugh

Reflective Composition: the declarative composition of roles to unify objects, roles, & aspects
Simon Holland

Results of the Second Workshop on Method Engineering for Object-Oriented and Component-Based Development
Cesar Gonzalez-Perez, Donald Firesmith, Brian Henderson-Sellers, Pavel Hruby, Dilip Patel, Dan Rawsthorne, Bernhard Rumpe, Magdy Serour, Hadar Ziv

Results of the Third International Workshop on Agent-Oriented Methodologies
Cesar Gonzalez-Perez, Paolo Bresciani, John Debenham, Brian Henderson-Sellers, Graham Low

SODA: A Stability-Oriented Domain Analysis Method
Haitham Hamza

The 4th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling
Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, Jonathan Sprinkle, Matti Rossi

The Bots 'n Pieces Pattern Language Experiment
Alan O'Callaghan, Maria Kavanagh

The Customer Role in Agile Projects
Jens Coldewey, Klaus Marquardt, Mary Poppendieck

The ``Killer Examples'' for Design Patterns and Objects First workshop
Carl Alphonce, Dung Nguyen, Stephen Wong, Phil Ventura

Towards a Framework for the General Intensional Programming Compiler in the GIPSY
Joey Paquet, Peter Grogono, Aihua Wu

Visualisation for Learning OOP, Using Aspects and Eclipse
Rilla Khaled, James Noble, Leo Ferres, Judy Brown, Robert Biddle

WSAgent: an Agent Based in Web Services to Promote Interoperability Between Heterogeneous Systems in Health Domain
Let?cia Rheinheimer, J?nior Martins, S?rgio Crespo C. S. Pinto

Workshop: Revival of Dynamic Languages (RDL 2004)
Gilad Bracha, Wolfgang De Meuter, St?phane Ducasse, Oscar Nierstrasz

iXj: Interactive Source-to-Source Transformations for Java
Marat Boshernitsan, Susan Graham