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"Building Software for Pervasive Computing"
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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Building Software for Pervasive Computing

Cristina Lopes, University of California, Irvine
Steffen Schaefer, IBM
Siobh?n Clarke, Trinity College Dublin
Anind Dey, University of California, Berkeley
Tzilla Elrad, Illinois Institute of Technology
Robert Filman, NASA Ames Research Center

Pervasive, or Ubiquitous, Computing envisions a world of communicating small devices, sensors and actuators. OOP owes its popularity in part to the analogy between virtual and physical objects. Physical objects abound in Pervasive Computing, and object technology is playing a major part in pervasive computing, with objects living on even the smallest device. But OOP issues such as contextual programming requirements, dealing with multiple concerns, and the "mass" nature of ubiquitous devices are examples of where object technology needs extension, adaptation or replacement. This workshop will bring together practitioners involved in the development of pervasive computing solutions and researchers devising new programming models in this area. The goals are (1) to identify recurring architectures and patterns typically used to build such systems, (2) to raise issues and gaps in design and implementation; and (3) to discuss new ideas and changes to object technology to better support Pervasive Computing.