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"Building a Digital Archive"
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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 : Wednesday

Building a Digital Archive

Meeting Rooms 11-12
Wednesday, 11:30, 30 minutes


Daniel Antion, American Nuclear Insurers

ANI's Digital Archive

Practitioner Report

This presentation will discuss the success American Nuclear Insurers had when building a document management system. The success is largely due to the existence of a well developed object library, and the attendant ability to reuse previously defined business logic. A premise of the presentation is that we often overlook the benefit of building upon earlier work, in search of the next wave of technology. Taking advantage of reuse in this case, allowed the developers at ANI to deliver on the promise of object technology.

The resulting document management system is easier to use than commercial systems that were available, and was developed at a significantly lower cost. The advantage of tying documents to the business objects they represent (or are derived from) enables users of the system to build document indexes automatically and to retrieve current business data along with static document data when accessing the archive.

The presentation will focus on the goals of the project, the rationale for building it in-house, a description of the features and a discussion of the class structure as it pertains to the digital archive.