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"Web Services-Oriented Architecture in Production in the Finance Industry"
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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 : Thursday

Web Services-Oriented Architecture in Production in the Finance Industry

Meeting Rooms 11-12
Thursday, 8:30, 30 minutes


Olaf Zimmermann, IBM Corporation

Effective and affordable business process integration is key in the finance industry. A large German joint-use centre, supplying services to 236 individual savings banks, enhanced the integration capabilities of its core banking system (500+ complex functions) through aggressive use of Web services.

The advanced requirements, e.g., heterogeneous client environment, sub-second response times, 300% traffic growth, and interface complexity did challenge today's Web services implementations. To achieve true interoperability between MS Office XP/.NET and the Java world, and to design a SOAP envelope compression scheme were two of the most important issues that had to be solved. The current release 2 of this solution is one of the first production references for the Web Services Interoperability (WSI) Basic Profile, which sped up development ands testing effort significantly.

This report discusses the rationale behind our decision for Web services, and gives an architectural overview of the integration approach. Furthermore, it features the lessons learned and best practices identified during the design, implementation and rollout of this enterprise-scale solution.