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"Extreme Programming for the Enterprise"
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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 : Architecture and the Enterprise : Sunday : Methodologies : Sunday Full-Day Tutorials (8:30 - 17:00)

Extreme Programming for the Enterprise

Meeting Room 7
Sunday, 8:30, full day


Joshua Kerievsky, Extreme Programming for the Enterprise:  Joshua Kerievsky is the founder of Industrial Logic, a company that specializes in Extreme Programming. He began his career as a professional programmer at a Wall Street bank, where he programmed numerous financial systems for credit, market, and global risk departments. After a decade at the bank, he founded Industrial Logic in 1995 to help companies practice successful software development. Kerievsky has programmed and coached on small, large, and distributed XP projects since XP's emergence. He recently pioneered Industrial XP, an adaptation of XP that helps entire organizations benefit from the wisdom of XP. Kerievsky has written articles in "Extreme Programming Examined" and "Extreme Programming Perspectives" and has recently authored the book, "Refactoring to Patterns". He may be reached at joshua@industriallogic.com.
Ken Scott-Hlebek, Industrial Logic, Inc.:  Ken Scott-Hlebek is an Industrial XP Coach. Prior to joining Industrial Logic, Ken assisted teams in their transition to agility by teaching test-driven development, refactoring, and evolutionary design. Ken brings experience as a software craftsman and mentor from a variety of environments, from small in-house teams to large outsourced and offshore projects. Convinced that human factors are the key to successful software teams, Ken is passionate about promoting the warm and fuzzy side of the craft.

Tutorial number: 20

Without the right people, environment, values and project direction, most teams and organizations that attempt to do XP will fail. This tutorial examines Industrial XP (IXP), an adaptation of XP resulting from five years of experience implementing XP in organizations large and small. IXP is XP for an entire enterprise. It includes practices that ease the adoption and management of XP, expanded practices for coordinating the work of a diverse project community and state-of-the-art technical practices.

This tutorial is hands-on and chock full of real-world stories, photographs and even video footage of IXP in action! Participants in this tutorial can expect to come away with ample ideas for how to successfully practice and scale XP within their organizations.

Beginner: Anyone engaged in agile software development.