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"Enterprise Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ"
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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 : Sunday Afternoon Tutorials (1:30 - 17:00) : Architecture and the Enterprise : Aspect-Oriented Programming : Sunday

Enterprise Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ

Governor General Suite D
Sunday, 13:30, half day


Ron Bodkin, New Aspects of Software:  Ron Bodkin is the founder of New Aspects of Software, which consults and trains on enterprise application development with an emphasis on Aspect-Oriented Programming, lightweight components and containers, and security. Ron is also a member of AspectMentor, a consortium of AOP experts. Ron created the aTrack project, which provides reusable aspects and blueprints enterprise AOP development. Previously, Ron led implementation projects and training for customers for the AspectJ group at Xerox PARC. Prior to that, Ron was a founder and the CTO of C-bridge, a consultancy that delivered enterprise applications using frameworks for Java, XML, and other Internet technologies.
Nicholas Lesiecki, VMS:  Nicholas Lesiecki is a recognized expert on AOP in Java. In addition to coauthoring Mastering AspectJ, Nick is a member of AspectMentor, a consortium of experts in aspect-oriented software development. He has committer status on aTrack, the enterprise AspectJ showcase project on java.net, and has spoken about AspectJ to audiences throughout the country. In addition, Nick has authored articles on AspectJ and XP for IBM's developerWorks. He currently serves VMS (http://vmsinfo.com/) as principal software engineer and mentor in the areas of J2EE, AOP, and software development.

Tutorial number: 14

Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) has become a hot topic for enterprise?development, with recent news of support by IBM, JBoss, BEA, Oracle, Eclipse, and?IntelliJ. ?Behind the news headlines, however, are critical questions:

  • How real is AOP for the enterprise?
  • What problems can it solve today?
  • How does it apply to enterprise applications?
  • How can one make an informed decision about trying to use AOP?
  • What is the best adoption strategy?
  • What are the long term possibilities for AOP in the enterprise?

This tutorial will tackle these questions and give developers, architects,?and technical managers an introduction to AOP for enterprise Java application?development. ?We will provide both a conceptual road map and tangible examples of how AOP works and where it can be beneficial, as well as?discussing anti-patterns (i.e., how not to use AOP). ?During the?tutorial, we demonstrate the use of AOP for security, error handling,?policy enforcement, testing with JUnit, systems management with JMX, and?more. ?The examples are implemented in the AspectJ programming language?(a popular and seamless aspect-oriented extension to Java) and incorporate major J2EE technologies such as servlets, JSPs, and EJBs.

Intermediate: Experience with OO design, enterprise Java development, and some previous exposure to AOP (e.g., from an introductory tutorial).