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"Dungeons and Patterns!"
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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 : Sunday Afternoon Tutorials (1:30 - 17:00) : Languages and Development : Sunday

Dungeons and Patterns!

Meeting Room 3
Sunday, 13:30, half day


Steve Metsker, CapTech Ventures:  Steve Metsker, a software consultant with CapTech Ventures, is a developer and author who explores and writes about software design. Steve is the author of "Design Patterns in C#," the "Design Patterns Java Workbook," and "Building Parsers in Java."
William Wake, Independent Consultant:  William Wake is an independent consultant and coach. He's the inventor of the XP Programmer's Cube, and the author of "Extreme Programming Explored" and the "Refactoring Workbook."

Tutorial number: 11

"Dungeons and Patterns!" is a hands-on tutorial for exploring and learning about design patterns. You can become a more powerful object-oriented developer by learning about these things called "design patterns." The Design Patterns book [by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides] explains what patterns are and introduces many of the most useful patterns, but many people find it difficult to learn by reading, and almost everyone improves through practice. The "Dungeons and Patterns!" tutorial lets you research, discover, learn, and explain patterns all at once, in a playful setting that is energizing and motivating while at the same time relaxed and fun.

In "Dungeons and Patterns!" you will encounter dungeon devices, creatures, and settings that serve as metaphors for design patterns. Your mission with your table-mates is to discover these metaphors, determine which pattern is at play, and explain the pattern to a magical creature that will accompany your party.

In a few hours of play you will become familiar with many patterns—familiar enough to explain them to someone else!

Intermediate: It is important to be familiar with at least two or three patterns before attending Dungeons and Patterns!. Experience with role-playing games is a plus, but not necessary.