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"Distributed .NET"
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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 : Sunday Morning Tutorials (8:30 - 12:00) : Architecture and the Enterprise : Sunday

Distributed .NET

Meeting Room 10
Sunday, 8:30, half day


Michael Stal, Siemens AG:  Michael Stal is with Siemens Corporate Technology as a Senior Principal Engineer where he leads a team focusing on software architecture, middleware and application integration. His work currently focuses on Service-oriented Architecture using .NET and J2EE as well as on model-driven concepts and best practice patterns. He is co-author of the book series Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, and editor-in-chief of the magazine Java Spektrum. Michael has given several talks in renowned conferences and published many articles world-wide.

Tutorial number: 4

Almost all software systems today are distributed, either leveraging middleware technologies or Internet protocols for communication.As a consequence, platforms such as .NET spend a significant bunch of functionality for the development of distributed and Web-based systems. However, there is not such a thing like a common distributed component-based software architecture. Different distributed applications must balance different forces with respect to non-functional requirements such as scalability, communication paradigms, security, bandwidth, to name just a few. This is the reason why .NET offers a whole range of different approaches for communication and distribution. It is the goal of the tutorial to show what basic kinds of communication paradigms exist and how they are supported in the .NET Framework. Examples will be illustrated using the programming language C#. Topics covered include Web-services, Sockets, .NET Remoting, COM+, ADO.NET. The tutorial will also take a glimpse on upcoming technologies such as Indigo.

Advanced: Attendees should be familiar with .NET core concepts.