Monday – 8:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 213

8 – The 11th OOPSLA Workshop on behavioral semantics -- Serving the customer

Haim Kilov
Financial Systems Architects

Kenneth Baclawski
Northeastern University

The goal of this workshop is to foster precise and explicit OO specifications of business and system semantics, independently of any (possible) realization. Substantial progress has been made in these areas, both in academia and in industry. However, in too many cases only lip service to these ideas has been provided, and as a result the systems we build or buy are all too often not what they are supposed to be. Doing better than that requires both a clear understanding of the semantics of the problems together with their business and technological environments, and abstract, precise and explicit specifications of that semantics. The specific theme this year is on serving the customer. As in our previous workshops, we want to bring together theoreticians and practitioners to report their experience with making semantics precise, clear, concise and explicit in OO business specifications, business designs, and system specifications. Papers can range from academic research to industrial "war stories."

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