Tuesday – 8:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 210

6 – Architecture is dead - Long live the Architect!

Klaus Marquardt
Dräger Medical AG

Alan O'Callaghan
De Montfort University

Jens Coldewey
Coldewey Consulting

Most approaches to software architecture focus on the initial up-front activities needed in large projects. In contrast, the agile manifesto states that "the best architectures [...] emerge from self-organizing teams." This suggests that most of the architecture is defined while the system is already under development. The roles and tasks related to software architecture need to be rethought: What does the architect actually do while the project is on its way?

This workshop takes a close look at the role of the software architect, and the related responsibilities and tasks. The participants will explore how changes to the process and project culture influence this role, and what aspects of the role remain stable throughout different processes. The objective is to collect practices and working attitudes that help the agile project team to deal with software architecture, and the practicing architect to deal with agile projects.

Workshop URL: http://www.kmarquardt.de/workshops/ArchitectureInAgileProjects.htm.