Monday – 13:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 203

31 – Expanding the Boundaries of Unit Testing

Joseph Pelrine

Steve Freeman
Thompson Financials

Tim MacKinnon

One of the major benefits of the Agile Development movement has been to move unit testing to its rightful place as the software development technique. It has also supplied us with a family of unit testing frameworks to assist with this task. Unit testing, however, takes effort and skill to do well, especially for applications such as distributed systems.

This workshop is concerned with bringing together and sharing experience between people who have experience of unit testing of software, particularly for Test-Driven Development.

Participants will be asked to submit a position paper detailing their experience with unit testing, and illustrating what they've done to expand the boundaries of unit testing. Typical examples would include extensions to the xUnit testing framework, automating tests etc. The organizers will accept position statements based on originality, relevance and suitability for discussion.

Please mail your submissions (preferably in PDF) to Joseph Pelrine ( by September 15.

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