Monday – 8:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 202

3 – Commonalities of Agile Methodologies

Jens Coldewey
Coldewey Consulting

Pete McBreen
McBreen Consulting

Klaus Marquardt
Dräger Medical AG

With the increasing interest in agile development the various methodologies have gained more and more attention in the community. As a side effect of their success, nearly every process around tries to prove that it is agile, whatever that may be. Although the agile manifesto defines the core values of agile development, it is easy to state that a particular process values humans - and an insult to argue against that.

With all their differences, published agile methodologies, such as ASD, Crystal, Scrum, or XP, have several techniques in common, other processes don't have. One example is a meeting structure with different meetings that reflects the value agile development assigns to collaboration. The objective of this workshop is to identify how the principles of agile development are reflected in practice in Agile projects - both to help evaluating existing methodologies and to help setting up a project-specific process.

Keywords: Agile Methodologies, Common Practices

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