Tuesday – 8:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 304

28 – Agile Processes Workshop II - Managing Multiple Agile Projects

Mike Beedle
Hipaa Accelerator Inc.

Ken Schwaber
Advanced Development Methods

Jeff Sutherland

John Cerwin
Hipaa Accelerator Inc.

The goal of this workshop is to understand and contrast the new enterprise-level agile processes in existence today such as: Scrum, XBreed, XP@Scrum and Grizzly. A detailed examination of each enterprise-level agile process will be conducted to understand its practices. Case studies for each process will be provided as empirical evidence. Similarities, differences, synergies and misfits among different enterprise-level agile processes and practices will be examined both from the practice and theory perspectives.

In addition, discussions of how to introduce enterprise-level agile metnods, justify them in terms of ROI, ensure the completion of successful projects, conduct training and mentoring, and transition from non-agile to enterprise-level agile methods will be conducted.

Workshop URL: http://www.hipaaccelerator.com/oopsla2002.