Monday – 8:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 309

23 – Using Play to Enhance Learning About Objects

William Wake
Independent Consultant

Steven Metsker
Capital One Financial

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe
Lesire Software Engineering

Vera Peeters
Tryx bvba

Joshua Kerievsky
Industrial Logic

Play is serious! Games, simulations, puzzles, and toys in the classroom can improve student motivation, lead to better long-term memory, and reduce learning anxiety. Used effectively, play can leverage competition and foster collaboration. Above all, play makes learning fun!

We'll explore how play can make it easier to learn about object-oriented technology.

The group will:

Who should attend? Anyone who teaches, trains, or wants to learn about instructional play.

To apply, please submit a one- to four-page paper describing your use of games and/or related techniques in teaching object technology.

Keywords: Educational Games, Play, Simulation, Micro-World, Challenges, Teaching

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