Monday – 8:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 303

22 – J2EE vs .NET

Saeid Tehrani
EDS Digital Enablement

Stephen Jacobs
EDS Digital Enablement

Stuart McAlpin
EDS Digital Enablement

Ali Arsanjani
IBM National E-business Application Development Center of Competency

In the IT industry, innovation happens everyday. This causes challenges for architects, developers, project managers, CIOs and CEOs to constantly learn and evaluate solutions for their projects and their companies.

On one hand, Java has been one of the most successful, innovative and evolving languages/frameworks for the past few years. Many large mainframe applications have been ported to Java. Java started with the slogan of "write once and deploy it many (platforms)," with platforms as small as smartcards, thin and thick clients to large mainframe installations. Nonetheless, Java (J2EE) has become one of the most successful frameworks for the web/application servers.

On the other hand, a new framework called .net has emerged from Microsoft which has many features of J2EE and will be one of the larges competitors of J2EE. Although both frameworks stand on a foundation of programming languages, object models and virtual machines, they are strikingly different when considering the design goals of their runtime environment. The choice of the two dominating platforms will be a hot topic of discussion for the next few years to come.

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