Tuesday – 8:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 302

13 – Patterns for Customer Interaction and Expectation Management

Linda Rising

William Opdyke
North Central College, Naperville, Illinois

Terry Fujino

Tina Nakatani
Wakayama University, Japan

Masao Tomono
Exa Corp.

David DeLano

For companies to survive, they must satisfy the needs of their customers. Insights into understanding and managing customer expectations come through experience and patterns are a great means for capturing and leveraging these insights.

This goal of this workshop is to expand on previously published patterns for customer interaction by Linda Rising and continued at ChiliPLoP 2002. A pattern language for Customer Interaction and Expectation Management will be the end product. This pattern language should be useful for both object-oriented developers and management. eXtreme Programming and other agile approaches stress the importance of a close working relationship with the customer. Preferably, the customer should be on-site and receive releases often to build a trusting relationship between the development team and the customer representative. Like many good guidelines, this one from the agile community needs fleshing out, especially for some developers who have no history of working closely with customers.

Workshop URL: http://www.lindarising.org.