Tuesday – 8:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 305

11 – Patterns in Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Michael Kircher
Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, Munich, Germany

Prashant Jain
Manystreams, Inc., India

Douglas C. Schmidt
University of California, Irvine, USA

Aniruddha Gokhale
Vanderbilt University, USA

Distributed real-time and embedded (DRE) systems are becoming ubiquitous, not just in the aerospace domain, but also in telecommunications, automotive, and process control. As software replaces functionality traditionally provided by hardware, better software development technologies are needed to ensure end-to-end system quality of service properties and to control lifecycle costs.

Increasingly, object-oriented (OO) technologies are being considered as the underpinning for mission-critical DRE systems. Because OO technologies were not initially intended for the time and space constraints of DRE systems, researchers and practitioners often struggle to apply OO techniques effectively so their tasks become easier, not harder.

What are common patterns and practices that can be applied to overcome many recurring challenges and constraints related to developing DRE systems? The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from the field of DRE systems to begin documenting a common "pattern language" for DRE systems.

Workshop URL: http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~mk1/RealTimePatterns.