Monday – 8:30-12:00
Convention Ctr - Room 204

8 – Introduction to the .NET Framework

Damien Watkins
Project 42

This tutorial is an introduction to the .NET Framework and the services and facilities it provides. The tutorial's major objective is to describe the architecture of the .NET Framework and demonstrate the use of its services and facilities through examples. Facilities covered will include: the Common Language Runtime, the Base Framework, Language Interoperability, Web Services and ASP.NET.

Attendee background

Attendees should have experience programming in an object-oriented language but are not expected to be familiar with the .NET Framework. Knowledge of a distributed/component architecture, such as CORBA or COM, would be beneficial.


This tutorial will be lecture based.


Dr. Damien Watkins is the founder and Managing Director of Project 42 P/L and is a former lecturer at Monash University. Since 1998 Damien has been engaged with Microsoft Research on the development of the .NET Framework. Component architectures that provide language interoperability have always held a keen interest for Damien, and he has written a paper on this topic, titled "Handling Language Interoperability with the Microsoft .NET Framework." Currently, Damien is writing a book for Addison Wesley on the .NET Framework. Damien taught the world's first university course utilizing the .NET Framework.