Wednesday – 13:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 604

46 – Patterns for EJB Development

Bobby Woolf
Cyberdyne Software, Inc.

This tutorial discusses eight patterns that will help participants understand how to better design their Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) code. It focuses on the services layer, the most critical part of a multi-tier application architecture because it defines the client's API to the server. The patterns document simple but powerful techniques for designing code that is more reusable, more consistent, and easier to maintain. The tutorial includes detailed code examples to illustrate concepts. Once the patterns are explained, the tutorial shows a cookbook for how to use all of the patterns together. The coding techniques are completely EJB standard compliant and produce code that will deploy into any J2EE/EJB container (WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, etc.).

Attendee background

Participants should be experienced Java programmers and beginner-to-intermediate EJB developers, or technical leads that need to mentor such developers.


This tutorial will be lecture based and include code examples.


Bobby Woolf, an independent consultant, mentors teams developing object-oriented, distributed, multi-tier applications using Java/J2EE and related technologies. His interests include patterns and agile methodologies.