Wednesday – 10:00-13:15
Convention Ctr - Room 611

44 – Test-Driven Development in .NET

James Newkirk
Thoughtworks, Inc.

This tutorial presents techniques for writing software in Microsoft .NET using the extreme programming principles of test-driven development, and refactoring. It will be conducted using real world examples to illustrate key techniques. These techniques can be successfully applied in the following areas of interest in the .NET environment: Web Services, and ASP.NET. In order to demonstrate how to do test-first in these areas the open source NUnit testing framework ( will be described and used in the tutorial.

Attendee background

Participants should have a general understanding of the XP coding principles of Test-First Design, and Refactoring. Familiarity with the C#, and ASP.NET would be useful, but not required.


This tutorial will be lecture based.


James Newkirk is a Software Development Manager/Architect with eighteen years development experience. His industry experience includes real-time micro-controllers to web services. He has published in both language and management publications and spoken at many industry conferences, including a previous OOPSLA conference. He also co-wrote Extreme Programming in Practice, published by Addison-Wesley, 2001. Since August of 2000 he has been working with the .NET Framework and has contributed to the development of NUnit a unit-testing tool for .NET.