Tuesday – 13:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Room 612

38 – Distributed .NET

Michael Stal
SIEMENS AG Corporate Technology

Like the Java 2 Platform, the .NET Framework offers many types to support applications in many different domains. One of the most important areas where .NET Framework classes can be applied is distributed programming. For this purpose there is functionality such as .NET Remoting, XML Web services, ADO.NET, XML, COM interoperability, and much more. For the developer it is difficult to decide which technologies to use for which type of application as well as when and how to plug these technologies together.

In this tutorial the different parts of the .NET Framework for distributing and integrating components will be introduced in a systematic way. It will also be shown how these parts can be brought together to build distributed software systems.

Attendee background

Basic knowledge in using Microsoft .NET. Language skills in C# or Java. Familiarity with distributed systems.


Slide presentation with small demos.


Michael Stal is Senior Principal Engineer at Siemens responsible for research on Middleware and Application Integration. Michael focuses on Distributed Objects & Components, Software Architecture, and Web technologies. He is co-author of Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume I&II, Siemens representative at the OMG, former member of the C++ X3J16 standardization working group, and editor-in-chief of Java Spektrum.