Tuesday – 8:30-12:00
Convention Ctr - Room 612

29 – .NET Primer with C#

Michael Stal
SIEMENS AG Corporate Technology

In October 2000 Microsoft announced the .NET infrastructure as the fundamental layer of all upcoming products. Similar to Java, Microsoft .NET introduces a virtual execution system where applications are executed within a virtual engine. In contrast to Java, however, Microsoft .NET is designed for multi-language support. In addition to the runtime environment, the .NET framework introduces a whole set of libraries for building distributed systems, desktop clients, or web applications. The runtime, parts of the libraries, and the new programming language C# are standardized at ECMA and ISO so that .NET will also be available for non-Windows systems such as Linux. Thus, .NET seems to be a very interesting approach for future software development and a viable alternative to Java. It is the goal of the tutorial to give a detailed overview on C# and .NET. Additional demos will illustrate fundamental issues.

Attendee background

Familiarity with object-oriented technologies. Knowledge in Java is helpful.


Slide presentation with small demos.


Michael Stal is Senior Principal Engineer at Siemens responsible for research on Middleware and Application Integration. Michael focuses on Distributed Objects & Components, Software Architecture, and Web technologies. He is co-author of Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume I&II, Siemens representative at the OMG, former member of the C++ X3J16 standardization working group, and editor-in-chief of Java Spektrum.