Friday – 15:30-17:00
Convention Ctr - Ballroom 6D

Objects and Real Time: Collision or Spiritual Union

Moderator: Laura Hill
Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Doug Jensen
Mitre Corporation

Doug Schmidt

Raj Rajkumar
Carnegie Mellon University

Bran Selic
Rational Software Corporation

Greg Bollella
Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Over the past few years there has been a trend in the embedded software development community to move software development to more advanced object-oriented languages and runtimes. The movement is occasioned by a systemic increase in the complexity and size of the software required by commercially successful embedded devices. One of the distinguishing characteristics of embedded software is that it requires predictable execution of logic, i.e., it is real-time. Coincident with the above trend has been the development of real-time versions of object-oriented languages, modeling tools, and runtimes. This panel offers the current state of the development of real-time object oriented languages, modeling tools and their current and proposed uses. We discuss the Real-Time Specification for Java including it's distributed version, Real-Time Corba, Real-Time UML, and high-level real-time programming models.


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