Wednesday – 13:30-15:00
Convention Ctr - Exhibit Hall 4B

The Emperor's New Design

Moderator: Donald B. Roberts
The Refactory, Inc.

William Opdyke
North Central College

Martin Fowler
Thoughtworks, Inc.

Joseph W. Yoder
The Refactory, Inc.

Should design be done up front or as the code is written? Refactoring has become a hot topic in recent years, primarily because of its association with Extreme Programming (XP). However, its roots lie in framework design, reuse, and evolution. This panel will look at refactoring over the years and address the social and technical issues associated with its introduction into an organization. It will discuss the designs that refactoring produces and whether or not they can succeed on large projects. This panel brings experts from the field of refactoring together with methodologists to debate this hot topic.

Attendee background

A familiarity with, or interest in, object-oriented refactoring and evolutionary design.


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