Wednesday – 13:30-15:00
Convention Ctr - Ballroom 6D

Papers: New Models for Software I

The opening session of the Onward! track sets the stage for the conversation about how to move forward with software.

A Vision of Autonomic Computing
Jeffrey O. Kephart

Autonomic Computing is a new approach to coping with the rapidly growing complexity of operating and integrating computing systems. This paper elaborates on the vision of autonomic, or self-managing computing. The goal is not to present a well-articulated architecture. Instead, the author speculates about general archiectural features that might typify autonomic computing systems of the future, and uses this as a basis for discussing several challenging scientific and engineering issues that need to be addressed in order to realize the vision of autonomic, or self-managing computing.

Dave West
New Mexico Highlands University

Assume an obverse version of Clarke's insight: "If a technology is not magical, it is insufficiently advanced." Computing and software development are clearly not magical even though some applications, especially in cinema special effects, certainly convey magical impressions. The central question of this essay - can we use magic as a metaphor to re-evaluate and redefine the theory and practice of computing? Or, stated slightly differently, can magic provide a metaphor for opening a new frontier in the investigation and solution of the core problems confronted by software developers and computing professionals in today's world?

Attendee background

Participants should be ready to think outside the box.