Tuesday – 14:30-15:30
Sheraton Hotel West Ballroom A and B

Break and Poster Time

In this session, attendees will be encouraged to wander around and view the posters and other teaching materials people have brought to share. Some posters have been pre-selected (listed below) while others may be brought along on the day by other attendees

Tracking the Design of Objects
Adair Dingle
Seattle University

Behavior Design using Activators
California State Polytechnic University

Teaching Object Concepts for XML-based Representations
Robert L. Kelsey
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Design Patterns for Self-Balancing Trees
Dung Nguyen
Rice University, Houston

Stephen B. Wong
Rice University, Houston

Design Patterns in the Standard Template Library
Arturo Sanchez
University of North Florida

Teaching Reflective Architectures
Sara Stoecklin
Florida State University

Judy Mullins
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Teaching Data Structures Using Object-Oriented Toolkits
Josh Tenenberg
University of Washington, Tacoma