Tuesday – 8:30-10:00
Sheraton Hotel West Ballroom A and B

Welcome and Opening Talk

Welcoming remarks
Helen Sharp
The Open University, UK

Nearly the end of the line for use cases?
Richard Mitchell
InferData Corporation

Many analysts find use cases a comfortable way to capture requirements, and many teachers give them a central role in courses based on UML. However, many developers report that use cases don't tell them what they need to know to develop systems. Perhaps use cases are too comfortable? Of course, use cases are different things to different people. Commonly, analysts use them as their originator intended, to express sequences of interactions between users and systems. Used this way, use cases are partly about the functionality of a system, and partly about delivering this functionality to users. Separating these two issues can yield models that are more informative. This talk will show you one way of making the separation, in which use cases are about delivering functionality.